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Lavender Dhoop Cones | Made from Temple Flower | Gulessence

Lavender Dhoop Cones | Made from Temple Flower | Gulessence

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Lavender based 40 Bamboo-less dhoop cones | Long lasting Aroma | No Charcoal | Burning time: 35-40 minutes Approximately | Made From Temple Flowers & Natural Herbs | Length 1.5 inches

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Best Before : 12 months from date of manufacturing

Net Quantity : 40 Cones

Core Ingredients : Temple Flower

Ingredients : Temple Flower, Loban, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, Sugandh Kokila, Haubera, Natural Herbs, Essential Oils.

Use : Hold the lighted match on the tip of incense dhoop cone until a flame appear. Blow the flame out and place the dhoop cone on the stand

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Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones

समय ठहर जाए, खुशबू बहे चली

Every breath you take is an opportunity to connect with your inner self. Gulessence, a trusted name in spiritual wellness, presents the exquisite Lavender Dhoop Cones. Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of these aromatic wonders, handcrafted with devotion and love. Let the soothing fragrance transport you to a realm of tranquility and mindfulness. As you embark on your spiritual journey, let Gulessence be your guiding light.

The Essence of Dhoop Cones

Dhoop cones have been an integral part of spiritual rituals for centuries. The smoke arising from these cones is believed to carry prayers and intentions to the divine realm. Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones encapsulate the essence of this ancient tradition, offering you a profound experience that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

The Captivating Scent of Lavender

Lavender, known for its enchanting aroma, takes center stage in these Dhoop cones. Its delicate floral notes create a serene and calming atmosphere, allowing you to find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life. The soothing fragrance of Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones gently lingers, enveloping your space with a sense of tranquility.

Handcrafted with Devotion

Each Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cone is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, who infuse their love and dedication into every creation. The cones are carefully molded, ensuring a consistent and even burn. With utmost care and attention to detail, these cones are made to enhance your spiritual practices and elevate your connection with the divine.

Aromatherapy Benefits

The therapeutic properties of lavender have long been cherished in the realm of aromatherapy. The use of Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones not only creates a serene ambiance but also promotes relaxation, stress relief, and better sleep. Let the comforting embrace of lavender envelop you, allowing your mind and body to unwind and find harmony.

Creating Sacred Spaces

Your environment plays a pivotal role in shaping your spiritual experiences. Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones help you create sacred spaces that invite positive energy and promote mindfulness. Whether it's your meditation corner, yoga studio, or sacred altar, these cones infuse the atmosphere with a sense of purity and serenity, enhancing your spiritual practices.

Enhancing Meditation Practices

Meditation is a powerful tool for self-reflection and inner growth. Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones serve as an excellent companion during meditation sessions, helping you deepen your focus and establish a connection with your inner self. As the fragrant smoke dances in the air, it acts as a gentle reminder to stay present and grounded in your practice.

Purifying Your Surroundings

Just as the sun's rays dispel darkness, Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones cleanse your surroundings, eliminating negative energies and promoting positive vibrations. Light a cone and let the sacred smoke purify your space, creating a sanctuary where only love and positivity thrive.

Natural Ingredients for a Holistic Experience

At Gulessence, we believe in the power of nature's bounty. Our Lavender Dhoop Cones are crafted using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a holistic experience that is free from harmful chemicals. Immerse yourself in the pure essence of lavender, untainted by artificial fragrances or additives.

Easy-to-Use and Long-Lasting

Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones are designed for your convenience. Simply light the cone and let it burn for a few seconds before gently blowing out the flame. The slow-burning cones release a steady stream of fragrant smoke, allowing you to enjoy the calming aroma for an extended period. Each cone provides a tranquil experience that lasts, making it ideal for daily rituals or special occasions.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We at Gulessence are committed to the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Our Lavender Dhoop Cones are ethically sourced, and we support fair trade practices. We work closely with local farmers and communities, ensuring that our production processes are sustainable and environmentally friendly. By choosing Gulessence, you contribute to a greener and more equitable world.

Ideal for Gifting

Looking for a meaningful and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones are the perfect choice. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion, these cones make a unique and heartfelt present. Express your love and appreciation by gifting a piece of tranquility and spiritual connection.


In your quest for spiritual growth and inner peace, let Gulessence Lavender Dhoop Cones be your trusted companion. Immerse yourself in the divine fragrance of lavender and create sacred spaces that nurture your soul. Elevate your spiritual journey with Gulessence and experience the transformative power of these exquisite Dhoop cones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rakesh Sharma

These bamboo-less Dhoop cones are a breath of fresh air! Made with natural ingredients, they burn clean and leave a lovely lavender scent that lingers for ages. Plus, the price point is perfect – these cones are definitely pocket-friendly, making them a great value for the quality.

Manish Patel

I absolutely love using these Gulessence Lavender Dhoop cones during my prayer time. The calming lavender scent helps me focus and find inner peace. They're also fantastic for unwinding after a long day – the aroma fills the room without being overpowering, creating a truly serene atmosphere.

Ganesh Iyer

These Dhoop cones are the perfect travel companion! Their small size makes them easy to pack, and the natural scent helps me unwind after a long journey or create a calming haven in unfamiliar surroundings.

Sonali Ghosh

I used to use traditional incense sticks, but the smoke always bothered me. These Gulessence Dhoop cones are a game-changer! They offer all the benefits of lavender incense without the harsh smoke, making them ideal for anyone with respiratory sensitivities.

Reena Thomas

For me, using these Dhoop cones is a sensory experience. The gentle crackling sound and calming lavender scent create a peaceful atmosphere that helps me de-stress and disconnect from daily pressures.