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Sandalwood Havan Cups | Made from Cow dung & Temple Flower |Gulessence

Sandalwood Havan Cups | Made from Cow dung & Temple Flower |Gulessence

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Each pack contains 15 havan cups filled with Havan Samagri |Long lasting Aroma | No Charcoal | Made From Temple Flowers,cow dung & Natural Herbs |Length 1.2 inches | Burning time: 20-25 minutes approximately

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Best Before : 12 months from date of manufacture

Net Quantity : 15 havan cups per box

Core Ingredients : Cowdung

Ingredients : Cowdung & Temple Flowers

Use : Hold the lighted match on the corner of havan cup until a flame appear. Blow the flame out and place the havan cup on the plate.

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Gulessence Sandalwood Havan Cups

Experience the purity and peace of traditional havan ceremonies with our handcrafted Sandalwood Havan Cups Made from a sacred blend of cow dung and temple flowers, these eco-friendly cups provide a convenient and sustainable way to perform your puja or havan rituals.

Enhance Your Havans with Havan Samagri:

Each Sandalwood Havan Cup is perfect for holding a variety of havan samagri, a collection of natural ingredients known for their spiritual and aromatic benefits.


how to use havana cup

Havan Samagri can include:

Natural herbs: Known to promote healing and purification.
Jatamansi: Believed to enhance focus and concentration.
Loban (Haubera): A resin prized for its cleansing and uplifting properties.
Cow dung: Considered sacred in Hinduism, symbolizing purity and renewal.
Ghee: Clarified butter that adds a beautiful fragrance and significance to the ritual.
Sandalwood powder: Renowned for its calming and grounding aroma [3]. (Is

Benefits of Sandalwood Havan Cups:

Authentic Experience: Enjoy the traditional method of havan offerings without the mess of loose ingredients. 

Sandalwood's Serenity: Sandalwood, a prized element in havan samagri, is known for its calming properties, promoting a sense of peace and well-being during your rituals 


sandalwood incense good for you?

Natural and Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable materials, these cups are a responsible choice for environmentally conscious individuals. 
Convenient and Easy to Use: Simply light the cup and let the fragrant smoke carry your prayers and intentions. 

Looking to buy havan cups online? Look no further! Our Sandalwood Havan Cups offer a beautiful and practical way to elevate your spiritual practice. 

Soothe your mind, purify your space, and embrace the tranquility of havan with our Sandalwood Havan Cups. Order yours today and experience the difference

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of burning havan cups?

Burning havan cups can offer a variety of benefits, including: 
Promoting relaxation: The natural ingredients in havan cups, often including sandalwood, can release calming scents that help you unwind and de-stress.

Purifying the air: Some believe the burning process helps cleanse the air of negativity and promote a fresher environment. 

Creating a spiritual atmosphere: Havan cups are traditionally used in puja and havan rituals, and the fragrant smoke can help create a sacred space for prayer and meditation. 

2. Are havan cups good?

Whether havan cups are good depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown to help you decide: 

Pros: Natural, convenient, promote relaxation and purification (potential benefits), enhance spiritual practice. 

Cons: May not be suitable for those with respiratory sensitivities (smoke inhalation). 

If you enjoy aromatherapy, purifying your space, or following puja/havan traditions, havan cups can be a good choice.

3.What are the ingredients in havan cups?

Havan cups are typically made from a blend of natural ingredients, including: 
Cow dung: Considered sacred in Hinduism and believed to have purifying properties. 
Temple flowers: Dried flowers collected from temples, adding a fragrant touch. 
Herbs: Various herbs known for their medicinal and aromatic properties. 
Resins : Sometimes resins like sandalwood are included for their calming and uplifting scents. 

Customer Reviews

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Anushka Dubey

I consider myself fortunate to have the Gulessence Sandalwood Havan Cups as part of my spiritual practice. The intricate designs and rich aroma of sandalwood elevate the experience, adding a touch of luxury to my daily rituals.

Rohit Thakur

I consider myself fortunate to have the Gulessence Sandalwood Havan Cups as part of my spiritual practice. The intricate designs and rich aroma of sandalwood elevate the experience, adding a touch of luxury to my daily rituals. The cups are not only aesthetically pleasing but also burn cleanly and efficiently. I appreciate the commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, making these havan cups a truly special addition to my spiritual journey

Nisha Yadav

Each time I light a Gulessence Sandalwood Havan Cup, I embark on a journey of self-discovery. The captivating fragrance inspires introspection and reflection, allowing me to delve deeper into my thoughts and emotions.

Aman Patel

I believe the true essence lies in their deeper meaning. The use of natural materials like cow dung and sandalwood signifies respect for the environment and embodies traditional practices.

Riya Chouhan

he rich aroma of sandalwood instantly transports me back to childhood memories of pujas performed at my home