About Gulessence

Gulessence is dedicated to the concepts of sanctity and sustainability, crafting a unique combination of traditional rituals and essential elements to revitalize your senses, diffuse luxurious aromas, enhance physical spaces, and purify the aura. Our all-women workforce creates our herbal, handmade incense products with care, using sacred temple flowers, plant extracts, organic essential oils, cow dung, and natural herbs. We collect used flowers offered at temples that would otherwise go to waste, recycling them into high-quality incense products with eco-friendly and time-tested production methods that produce low-smoke products.

Our top priority at Gulessence is providing customers with safe, hygienic, and natural products that ignite divinity, cognitive clarity, and calmness of mind and body. Our incense products are enriched with therapeutic qualities that spread a sense of serenity, positive energy, and profound peace emanating directly from the heart of nature, decluttering your environment.

Gulessence Jasmine Dhoop Sticks Sample - Gulessence

Discover the profound sanctity and enduring sustainability of Gulessence exquisite herbal, handcrafted incense products. Immerse yourself in a diverse selection of Pooja essentials, which encompass an array of offerings such as incense sticks, dhoop cones, dhoop sticks, and havan cups, all meticulously crafted from the purest natural herbs.
The use of natural herbs in our creations not only ensures a genuine and authentic experience but also underlines our commitment to supporting local communities and preserving the environment.

As you explore Gulessences range of products, youll embark on a journey that revitalizes your soul, purifies your surroundings, and enchants your spirit, all while nurturing the planet through sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Experience the transformative power of our incense, where sanctity meets sustainability.