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Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks - Made from Temple flowers & Cowdung | Combo Boxes | Gulessence

Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks - Made from Temple flowers & Cowdung | Combo Boxes | Gulessence

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Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack Made from Temple flowers & Cowdung contains: 15 Jasmine havan cup & 40 Rose Dhoop sticks | No Charcoal | No chemicals

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Best Before : 12 months from date of manufacturing.

Net Quantity : 15 havan cups & 15 Dhoop sticks

Core Ingredients : Cowdung

Ingredients :Cow Dung, Temple Flower, Loban, Jatamasi, Nagarmotha, Sugandh Kokila, Haubera, Natural Herbs, Essential Oils.

Use : Hold the lighted match on the tip of the incense dhoop cones until a flame appears. Blow the flame out and place the on the stand.

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Embrace Divine Aromas with Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack


"Scents are powerful messengers that connect us to our deepest emotions and spiritual essence." - Unknown

Welcome to the world of Gulessence, where divine fragrances and sacred rituals intertwine. We invite you on a sensory journey with our Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack, a harmonious blend of nature's gifts and ancient traditions. Immerse yourself in the captivating aromas of jasmine and rose, crafted with love and care using temple flowers and cow dung. Each element in this exquisite combo box has a story to tell, inviting you to experience a higher level of peace and tranquility.

The Power of Fragrance: A Spiritual Connection
Fragrance has the remarkable ability to transport us to different realms, evoking emotions and memories with a single whiff. In the realm of spirituality, scents hold a profound significance. They have been used for centuries to enhance meditation, create sacred spaces, and connect with the divine. Gulessence understands this power and has curated a unique combination of scents in the Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack, offering you a gateway to spiritual bliss.

Jasmine Havan Cup: Unveiling the Essence of Serenity
Indulge in the enchanting fragrance of jasmine with our Jasmine Havan Cup. Handcrafted with temple flowers, this cup contains the essence of serenity itself. As the flame kisses the cup, the subtle aroma of jasmine fills the air, creating an atmosphere of calmness and peace. Immerse yourself in the delicate scent that lingers long after the havan is complete, bringing tranquility to your surroundings and uplifting your spirit.

Rose Dhoopsticks: Embrace the Love and Compassion
Experience the timeless beauty of roses with our Rose Dhoopsticks. Made from handpicked rose petals, these dhoopsticks infuse your space with the essence of love and compassion. The sweet, floral aroma of roses creates an ambience of warmth and tenderness, inviting you to embrace the beauty of the present moment. Let the delicate fragrance of rose guide you on a journey of self-love and connection with others.

Temple Flowers: A Divine Offering
The Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack is crafted using temple flowers, which hold a sacred place in Hindu rituals. These flowers are carefully chosen for their purity and divine energy, symbolizing devotion and offering to the divine. As you light the havan cup or the dhoopsticks, the fragrance of temple flowers fills the air, creating a sacred atmosphere that resonates with your spiritual aspirations.

Cow Dung: A Sacred Ingredient
Cow dung, often associated with rustic charm, holds a deeper spiritual meaning in Hindu culture. It is considered a sacred substance, believed to purify and cleanse the surroundings. In the Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack, cow dung is used as a binding agent, blending the scents of jasmine and rose with the pure energy of Mother Earth. Embrace the divine harmony that cow dung brings to your spiritual practices.

The Perfect Gift: Spread Love and Serenity
Looking for a unique and meaningful gift for a loved one? The Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack is the perfect choice. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, this combo pack symbolizes love, serenity, and spiritual connection. Delight your friends or family with the enchanting aromas and let them experience the transformative power of these divine scents.

The Gulessence Jasmine Havan Cup & Rose Dhoopsticks Exotic Pack is more than just a combination of fragrances. It is a journey that connects you to your spirituality, allowing you to experience a sense of peace, love, and serenity. With the power of jasmine and rose, crafted from temple flowers and cow dung, these scents transcend the ordinary, transporting you to a realm of spiritual bliss. Embrace the divine aromas, create sacred spaces, and let Gulessence be your guide on this enchanting path.